Social Ink Color Selection Tool

Welcome to our color selection tool! Please scroll down to change colors using the color pickers. You can create a basic scheme (foreground and background to your liking) or use our advanced tool to select a core color and generate palettes based on color wheel rules, such as monochrome, analogous, and more.

When you find colors you like, please copy the hex codes (the six digit alphanumeric number preceded by a "#") and include them in your welcome packet or an email. Thanks for working with Social Ink!

Basic Background / Foreground Selector

Select a foreground & background color. Refresh this page at any time to reset to our original scheme.

Background Color

  ← copy this hex code.

Foreground (Text) Color

  ← copy this hex code.

Advanced Color Palette Generator

Choose a core color, and we will generate some potential color palettes for you.

Keep choosing colors to compare palettes.
Clear your selections with the button to the right, or by clicking the 'x' at the end of an individual palette row.

Select Anchor Color

  ← copy this hex code.

Enjoy your color palette options!

"Tetrad" Palette

"Monochromatic" Palette

"Split Complement" Palette

"Analogous" Palette

Haven't found a palette or color scheme that suits your needs? That's what we're for!

We'll work with you to find the optimal color configuration to anchor your visual identity.

Contact Us!

Rainbow Color Scheme

Other Social Ink Development Tools:

Big thanks to spectrum.js and xcolor.js for providing great JS libraries for color picking and algorithms!

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