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What the Font?

We design and code websites to be compatible across the major browsers, operating systems and devices, from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and yes, IE, across Windows, OS X, and Linux, from your old desktop to your latest mobile device.

To achieve compliance across many systems with different native fonts, we have to limit our font choices to "web safe fonts." By using safe, commonly available fonts, you can rest easy that users across all these platforms will see the website as intended.

To make sure all our bases are covered, developers indicate a font group (or stack), which will ask the browser to render a given selection of text in a certain font, and then check off down a list of similar fonts, if the first font is not found.

Take a moment to review the font stacks below and be in touch with us at info {at} social-ink.net with any questions.


Matt, Yoni & the gang at Social Ink.

Preview Your Font Options

1:Type in the box below to see a live preview of your text in the table below.

2:Click on any row to have the example paragraph on the right change to that font! →

Example paragraph

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam nunc nulla, gravida vitae consequat sed, convallis viverra lorem. Integer laoreet odio sed eros aliquam dignissim. Cras aliquam lacus non tortor vestibulum vitae dapibus purus posuere. Nam at purus quam, non congue mi. Nam rhoncus scelerisque semper. Quisque nec nisl a lorem facilisis pellentesque. Vestibulum dui enim, lacinia in consectetur et, blandit sit amet tellus. Proin id lacus ut lorem scelerisque rhoncus eu nec elit. Suspendisse potenti.

Font stack (group) title